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You’ve probably heard of, and perhaps participated in, the Amarnath Yatra, but did you know that two pigeons live in the Amarnath cave and never die? Each of these immortal pigeons was there when Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati came to this cave to tell the eternal story.

If you’re ever lucky enough to stumble across one of these pigeons, you’ll be shocked to hear that it has an infinite lifespan.

In the valley of Amarnath, known as Dham Amarnath.

Lord Shiva is revered at the Amarnath cave, making it a Shiv Dham. This snow Shivling, formed by snowflakes falling in this holy cavern, is considered amazing not just from a scientific standpoint but also from a religious and historical one. It has been said for years that two pigeons have made their home in this cave; let’s investigate their presence.

Pigeons of Amarnath: A True Tale

The Hindu God Shiva was supposedly enlightening his wife, the Goddess Parvati, about the mysteries of creation and immortality when they were in the Amarnath Cave. Some pigeons that happened to be breeding in the cave heard the talks. At the conclusion of the tale, Lord Shiva’s attention was called to Mother Parvati, but he found her sound asleep, and his gaze was instead drawn to the two birds. God Shiva was appalled, and the birds begged him for mercy.

After that, God Shiva blessed the birds, ensuring that they would stay in the same place as a constant reminder of Him and His consort, Parvati.

You may be shocked to learn that the icy wind on one side and the pouring rain on the other have never killed these two immortal birds.

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