Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Mantras are always considered spiritual, a way to attain enlightenment. However, they not only aid in spiritual well-being, but they also guide one towards a healthy and happy life. Mantras, when chanted, produce sound waves and vibrations. It is said that there are 108 sound waves in the universe. So, when the mantras are intoned, one is creating an amalgamation of these 108 sound waves. And once enough sound waves are generated, they unify with those of the universe and this helps in the process of healing and harmony. 

Mantras and their functions

Depending on the uses, there are different kinds of mantras. Some give the same benefits to all, while others give different benefits. There are mantras for each planet that can be chanted to evade its bad effects on people’s life. The astrological chart of a person would bring to light the bad influence of a planet. The repetition of the planet’s mantra will generate a frequency that will harmonize with the planet, thus alleviating its effects.  As much as stars are important in defining a person’s characteristics and personality, planets too influence a person’s life by bringing with them their own unique vibes and directives. The fate, time, context, and situation in the life of every human are dependent on their respective planet (Navagraha in the Indian nomenclature) and their movements (called Padas). Another type of mantras is those that are incessantly chanted by people millions of times become especially charged and are only given by a mentor or guru. These mantras are so powerful that a slight error in the incantation can be hazardous. To receive the full potency of these healing mantras, it is important to follow the mentor’s or guru’s instructions meticulously. 

AUM – The Primordial Vibration

The most powerful / bija mantra is Om (AUM) the resonance of AUM comprises the Akara, Ukara, and Makara. It is so potent that it is said to contain the wisdom of all the Vedas. The primordial importance was also proven by the bell jar experiment. When all the air was completely sucked out of a jar and there was nothing but a vacuum, there was a constant vibration that resembled the ‘Uu’ sound of AUM. Another way to look at AUM is, with ‘Aa’ life starts, with ‘Uu’ life continues and with ‘Mm’ the life ends. To chant ‘Aum’ is to resonate with outer space and remain calibrated with it. Meditating with AUM at greater lengths unlocks the untapped cerebral capacities and provides the satisfaction of spiritual fulfilment. 

Mantras – The Pathway to Divine?

Of all the various attempts that were made to attain the favour of God, be it penance, sacrifices, postures, and other meticulous practices, the easiest and the most relevant practice is chanting the name of God (“Nama Smaran”). Some of the commonly used healing mantras are: “Om Namah Shivaya”, Mrityunjaya mantra, Gayatri mantra, and Ganapathi mantra. 

The world today has experienced a lot of negativity, so much that having hope itself is a difficult task. The only way to break this vicious cycle of negativity is to ceaselessly chant the mantras. In spiritual terms, they can be considered as God’s phone number. In scientific terms, these healing mantras produce positive vibrations that instinctively trigger positive thoughts. When more people start thinking positively, the vibration around the person too, turns positive, creating a chain reaction. In the end, positivity will trump the negative vibrations, thus leading to positive thoughts, feelings, and actions. Healing mantras are, therefore, a way to harmonize oneself and the world with the universe.