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Between a tumultuous Mercury retrograde and a supercharged new moon in Libra, the astrology of October has been intense. The full moon rising on October 20 will bring the lunar cycle (and our emotions) to a sharp conclusion. The full moon in October 2021, also known as the Hunter’s Moon or Blood Moon, is brimming with hot energy that will empower us to stand up for ourselves and reclaim our authority. The spiritual significance of the Hunter’s Moon relates to the activation of our inner warrior as we enter the darker part of the year.

Full moons in astrology represent the energy apex of the moon’s monthly voyage through the zodiac, therefore they frequently provide us with enlightenment and can inflate our emotions. Due to the fact that problems in our life naturally reach a peak or end during these lunations, they are ideal for letting go and releasing any stifling energy. When it comes to the October 2021 full moon (which occurs in the region of the fire sign Aries), it is time to release any relationships, beliefs, or behaviours that prevent you from taking charge of your own life and achieving your goals.

Aligning oneself with the spiritual energy of the full moon is an excellent approach to become more grounded, to embrace self-improvement, and to feel more in tune with the natural cycles of the planets. Learn the spiritual significance of the full moon in October 2021 and how to harness its mystic power by reading on.

What is the spiritual significance of the full moon in October?

The Hunter’s Moon is the term given to the full moon that follows the Harvest Moon (aka, the full moon that takes place closest to the date of the autumn equinox). This year’s Harvest Moon occurred in September, therefore October’s full moon is the Hunter’s Moon, so named because this was traditionally a good period for hunting game in preparation for the winter. The spiritual significance of the full moon in October 2021 corresponds to the warrior spirit of the Hunter’s Moon origin myth, as its cosmic obstacles will demand us to employ skill, patience, and strength to secure the bag and make the most of this powerful harvest.

In the closing days of the 2021 Libra season, the full moon of October will rise, bringing to either an epic climax or a decisive resolution the issues we’ve been addressing for the past month. This full moon in Aries will bring passionate emotions to the surface, says astrologer Narayana Montfar, author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminous Power, in an interview with Bustle. “It is the conclusion of all the work we’ve done over the entire Libra season, recalibrating our relationships so that we may live more genuinely. ”

Other traditional names for the full moon of October include the Blood Moon and the Sanguine Moon, both of which allude to the ominous nature of this lunation. The moon will be in a tense T-square with the sun, aggressive Mars, and power-hungry Pluto, indicating that we should prepare for a figurative hunt. This type of planetary drama can lead to dissatisfaction and emotional outbursts for all zodiac signs; but, instead of throwing a tantrum, use it as an opportunity to assert yourself and make healthy concessions in order to achieve your goals.

How To Work With The Energy Of The Full Moon

Because the full moon in October 2021 occurs in Aries, it underlines the need of independence, boldness, and leadership in our life. Given that it’s the first full moon of fall, it’s crucial to have faith in the universe and embrace the inevitable changes that lie ahead; thus, relinquish your demand for control and let the universe to steer. Due to the fact that Mercury’s retrograde ended just 48 hours before this full moon’s peak, it’s also a favourable time to speak your truth in relationships and express your demands to others. Now is your moment to rise up, speak up, and clear the air, after a lengthy and tedious retrograde buildup.

The Libra season has emphasised finding peace in our relationships, but the spiritual significance of the full moon of October 2021 is all about finding peace inside ourselves – even if it requires struggle. “Under this full moon, letting go of anger, irritation, and resentment will be required,” adds Montfar. This lunation assists us in releasing what no longer serves us so that we may make place for the new. “Be courageous and rush into the eye of this full moon’s emotional tempest, for now is the time to claim your power and advocate your truth. .

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