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Just because you both have the same zodiac sign doesn’t mean you are inseparable. In fact, some individuals believe that Libras born in September and October might as well be on either end of a balance scale. Of course, everyone has a unique cosmic profile, and depending on the day, year, and even minute that we are born, our own planets will be in a different position. Do the apparent variations between Libras born in September and October, however, really have an astrological basis? Yes, but the solution is challenging.

People who share the same zodiac sign may nevertheless have quite diverse personalities, according to astrologers, since our sun signs are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the enormous geography of our birth charts. Therefore, even though practically everyone who was born between September 23 and October 22 was a Libra, their moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and rising signs may have been completely different. Although all Libras share certain fundamental traits, there may be significant differences in how each one expresses themselves, manages their emotions, approaches relationships, and pursues their objectives depending on the precise date of birth.

However, because each zodiac sign is split into three subgroups known as decans, there is another characteristic that may help differentiate September Libras from October Libras. You may identify your traditional astrological grouping by searching up the degree of your solar sign. These traditional astrological groups can alter how a sign’s energy appears. Each sign occupies precisely 30 degrees on the zodiac wheel, hence the first decan of a sign is made up of the first 10 degrees, the second decan of a sign is made up of the second degrees, and the third decan is made up of the last 10 degrees. All Libras born in September are first decan Libras since the sun moves through each astrological season at a rate of about one degree per day, but most Libras born in October (with the exception of those born in the first few days of the month) fall into either the second or third decan.

Let’s look at some of the contrasts between Libras born in September and October via the decans lens, since this idea can provide a more intricate and unique view of the zodiac’s resident cardinal air sign.

  1. September’s Libras Exhibit the Typical Libra Charm

Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and passion, rules the sign of Libra, and September Libras (also known as first decan Libras) are exclusively under the sway of Venus. However, Libras born in October are often second or third decans, meaning their Libra zodiac energy is influenced by a secondary planet. All September-born Libras are controlled exclusively by Venus, therefore they tend to exhibit the most conventional characteristics of the sign, such as being amorous, diplomatic, charming, and seeking balance in all things.

  1. Libras Are More Logic-Driven in October

Libras are naturally conceptual individuals since they are one of the cognitively active air signs of the zodiac. However, as the majority of October Libras are born in the sign’s second or third decan, which is shared by the inventive planet Uranus and the intellectual planet Mercury, they have a propensity to approach life with a more analytical and detached mindset. October Libras are very creative and are motivated by concepts rather than emotions. However, because of this, they may take a long time to consider all of the options before making a choice. Traditional Libran hesitancy

  1. Peacemakers Are September Libras

The scales are the emblem for the sign of Libra, which represents their innate urge to maintain equilibrium in all circumstances. However, no one pursues peace of mind quite like a September Libra. These lovely and diplomatic first decan Libras, who are perhaps bestowed with the greatest quantity of Venus’ symmetry-loving beauty, often take on the role of the mediator. They can assist others in finding common ground during conflicts, making them excellent mediators.

  1. October Libras Make Excellent Talkers

As cardinal air signs, Libras are adept at establishing social bonds and carefully fostering romantic partnerships. However, being sociable and connecting with others around them are even more crucial for third decan Libras who are co-ruled by the talkative planet Mercury and all of them were born around the middle of October. These October Libras can have a meaningful discussion with just about anybody, even if they have completely opposing opinions, because to their exceptional subtlety and eloquence in speaking their minds.

  1. September Libras Have a Stronger Focus on Relationships

Given that Libra is the sign of partnerships, everyone born under this sign should place a high priority on learning about the nature of one-on-one relationships. However, September Libras are undoubtedly the most amorous and relationship-focused of the group since they are solely dominated by the planet of love, Venus. While September Libras like flirting, they really come into their own when they are able to experience the joy of a committed partnership and develop strong interpersonal ties.

  1. October Libras Have a Strong Passion for Justice

In addition to being social butterflies, Libras care a lot about ensuring that justice and equity are upheld. Additionally, due to the added astrological influence of the socially conscious Uranus, second decan Libras (all of whom are born in early October) have a tendency to be even more concerned about social concerns and speaking out against injustices. Compared to their September-born counterparts, these October-born Libras are more likely to defy convention and rebel against the existing quo. This is particularly true if doing so results in a scenario that is more harmonious.

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