Mon. Dec 11th, 2023


Prashna Shastra, also known as Horary Astrology, is a fascinating branch of astrology that focuses on answering specific questions posed by individuals. It is rooted in the belief that the moment a question is asked, the universe provides a snapshot of the planetary positions, or in simpler terms, the present-day Kundali or Transit (Gochar), which can be analyzed to provide specific answers.

Unlike traditional birth chart analysis, Prashna Shastra allows astrologers to offer insights and predictions based on the precise moment a question is asked. It is especially useful for individuals who lack accurate birth details and do not have a birth chart. Sometimes, it proves helpful in answering specific life questions that are difficult to address with a birth chart. For example:

Love and Relationship Matters:

Individuals often consult astrologers to gain insights into their relationships. Questions about love, marriage, and compatibility can be answered using this technique. In the current scenario, some very specific queries like “What does my partner think about me?” or “When will he/she unblock me?” can be addressed, which would not be possible using an Ascendant chart.

Career and Finance:

Prashna Shastra can be used to address career-related queries, such as job changes, major career dilemmas like deciding between a new job and sticking with the current one, determining which job offer is the best among available options, predicting promotions, or making financial investments.

Health Concerns:

People seek guidance on health issues through Prashna Shastra, helping them understand the nature of their ailments and potential remedies.

Lost Items:

If someone has lost a valuable item, they can use Prashna Shastra to determine its whereabouts and whether it can be recovered.

Travel and Relocation:

Questions about travel plans, relocating to a new place, or the safety of a journey can be addressed through this method.

General Guidance: Individuals often turn to Prashna Shastra for general guidance and insights into their life’s direction and purpose.


Prashna Shastra is a valuable tool in astrology that provides immediate answers to specific questions or dilemmas. It is one of the most fascinating and accurate techniques of prediction. Skilled astrologers use this technique to interpret situations and provide insights into the future based on the current transitory positions of planets, ascendant, and moon.

Whether you seek answers about love, career, health, or other life concerns, Prashna Shastra can help you navigate life’s uncertainties and make informed decisions. It is a powerful and accessible branch of astrology that continues to be widely practiced for its practicality and accuracy.”

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