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Exactly which zodiac sign do you fall under? Your solar sign, or the position of the sun at the time of your birth, is the subject of the famous inquiry. However, as astrology’s popularity grows, more people are learning about their moon signs and rising signs in addition to their sun signs, a group sometimes referred to as “the big three.” (Of course, there is much more to astrology than just the big three, but let’s remain here for a minute.)

If you know your rising sign, you may not know what it signifies for you. Because of this, I’m here to explain it as Allure’s resident astrologer, with help from Marisol Espinoza Viera, a bruja, astrologer, and spiritual worker. Reading your rising may explain why your sun sign’s horoscope didn’t hit the mark, she says.

Overview of the Ascending Zodiac
The sun travels across the zodiac in approximately 30 days, whereas the moon stays in each sign for about 2.5 days. The elusive rising sign is the zodiacal sign that is visible on the eastern horizon when a person is born. A natal chart is divided into 12 sections, or houses, each of which reflects a distinct aspect of a person’s life and is ruled by one of the 12 signs. All of the houses in a horoscope will be laid out based on where the ascendant is located. According to Viera, the first house begins at the time of birth and represents the individual’s identity, personality, and outward appearance. “The things that stand out about you are your character and physical appearance.”

Your rising sign (or ascendant) is the public face you exhibit to the world; if your sun sign is your essence and your moon sign is your hidden tender heart, then your rising sign is your mask.

Knowing Your Rising Sign
To determine your rising sign (and that of your potential soul mate), you must have knowledge of your precise time of birth. Don’t put too much stock in their recollections. Although the style of birth certificates varies by state in the United States, getting your accurate birth time is as simple as obtaining a “long-form birth certificate.” Since the horizon’s position changes so rapidly, “astrologers require the exact moment of birth to cast a chart,” Viera explains. If you look at a circle chart, identify the horizontal line that passes through the centre, and then follow it to the left; the sign that the line passes through is your rising.

You may use to make an accurate chart after you know your birth time. The birth chart apps Costar and TimePassages are only two examples. Naturally, you may also consult with an astrologer one-on-one for assistance in understanding your chart.

An In-Depth Analysis of Each Predictive Symbol
Let’s go through the meanings of each rising sign now that you know what they are and how to identify yours. Just because you don’t connect with the descriptions of your rising sign doesn’t mean it’s not a little piece of the jigsaw. Don’t take astrology too seriously; it’s meant to be entertaining, and there’s always something new to learn. For those who are concerned about whether or not they are compatible with their partner, realise that you may date and be friends with people of any rising sign. Let’s begin scrolling now to find out what others see upon first encountering you.

If your rising sign is Aries, people will likely see you as confident and strong-willed. You exude an air of authority and strength, and your very presence may be considered scary. The zodiac’s strong warrior, you rule the battlefield. The god of battle, Mars, is the astrological ruler of Aries. In this case, you’re the harbinger, so you get to call the shots. Your position as the first fire sign in the zodiac makes you fiercely competitive and causes you to see life as a series of contests. Since the sun rises in Aries, you are a risk-taker who seeks for forgiveness rather than approval before taking the plunge. Your instincts guide your actions, and they’re generally right on the money.

If your rising sign is Taurus, you probably come off as aggressive, reliable, and stubborn. You might be rather tough on the outside, yet below all that there is a gentler side to you. You like to indulge in life’s finer pleasures, including nice clothing, gourmet cuisine, and therapeutic treatments. While it’s true that you, as a Taurus, like beautiful things, you’ve worked hard enough to warrant treating yourself to the occasional indulgence. You can’t help but have exquisite taste given that Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and plenty, is your governing planet. As the first earth sign, you personify the idealisation of earthiness. You take pleasure in doing things with your hands, whether that’s gardening, cooking, knitting, or even the challenge of trying out a brand-new face-painting technique.

People with a Gemini ascendant are said to be witty, intelligent, and inquisitive. You have a very creative mind that may generate ideas at a dizzying rate. However, the temptation to multitask might make you feel overwhelmed. The same is true for your romantic relationships. It’s well knowledge that Geminis break hearts and may be finicky when it comes to committing to a partner. It’s not that you’re coldhearted; you just haven’t met the right person yet (this sign is represented by the twins). Mercury, the gods’ messenger, is Gemini’s planetary ruler. This gives the impression that you are witty, articulate, and an outstanding orator.

Those with a Cancer rising are said to be loyal and kind by nature. You appreciate the stability of your daily routine since you worked hard to build your life the way you want it. You put a premium on your domestic bliss and are therefore selective about who you let into your house. Because of your ability to listen and empathise with others, you may also find that others flock to you when they need someone to “hold space” for them. Don’t misunderstand, however; Cancers aren’t as fragile as they’re given credit for being. After all, they have pinchers and a tough shell. However, as long as your claws are kept hidden, your outward demeanour is one of kindness and poetry since the intuitive moon controls your sign.

People with a Leo rising tend to exude an air of self-assurance and vitality. Because of your flare for the dramatic, whenever you enter a room, everyone’s eyes are drawn to you. You are incredibly creative whether your job is in the arts or you simply have a great Instagram feed. To see you living your best life will motivate others to do the same. You embody the summery, buoyant attitude of the Leo season. The name “child of the zodiac” is often applied to this sign. You have the spontaneity of children but also the demanding nature of adults. Your ardent enthusiasm may be too much for others, but that shouldn’t discourage you. You were born to shine since the sun is Leo’s governing planet (and likely have great hair and a fantastic sense of style).

People who encounter a Virgo rising may comment on how well put together and trustworthy they find you to be. You might come across as a little frightening if others get the impression that you’re a perfectionist. Because Mercury, the messenger planet, is the sign’s ruler, those born under the Virgo star sign are naturally outgoing and interested in learning new things. Your companions in both life and love seek your counsel. Virgo is the zodiac’s carer and healer since they are so concerned about the wellbeing of people they love. Time for self-care is just as important as caring for others if you’re a Virgo rising.

You may have a sharp tongue at times, but that only means you’re smart; people who meet a Libra rising person usually find you appealing, passionate, and kind. It’s true that Libras may be indecisive at times, but it’s because you really care about making everyone happy. Those born under this air sign are naturally conciliatory and dedicated to doing what’s right, as symbolised by the scales. Venus, the goddess of love, is the ruler of Libra, making anyone born under this sign charming and ethereal.

If your rising sign is Scorpio, you can have a secretive, sultry, and intriguing presence. Despite its name, this charm is not always a sexual one. People may be intimidated by your natural sensuality since Scorpios are stereotyped as being the most sexual sign of the zodiac. Usually, people can’t help but become curious about what’s going on behind that seemingly calm and collected exterior. You have good cause to be as passionate as you are, Rising Scorpio. Especially if you have additional Scorpio elements in your horoscope, you may have experienced something that has prompted you to become more guarded than usual. Mars, the warrior, and Pluto, the king of the underworld, both govern this sign, which may account for part of the ferocity.

People who share your Sagittarius rising sign may characterise you as witty, interesting, and the centre of attention. As the zodiac’s resident upbeat person, your enthusiasm for life is sure to rub off on others. Whenever I ask you to look at the glass, you see it as being completely filled. You have strong opinions and are not afraid to voice them. Sometimes being direct might work against you. But you always come out on top since Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius.

A person with a rising Capricorn is likely to give off an air of responsibility and ambition. You never leave the house without looking presentable and ready. You may have the reputation of being a serious businessperson who has little time for frivolity. You have high standards for yourself and everyone around you. Capricorn is ruled by rigorous Saturn, making you a very disciplined person. And yes, young Cap, it can become as sleazy as you think it would. Your drive gets all the attention, but you also have a wild, mischievous side that may be irresistible to a partner.

As a general rule, those with an Aquarius rising are seen to be progressive, original thinkers with a concern for others. Aquarius is sometimes misunderstood to be a water sign because to its association with the water carrier, but it is really the third air sign (after Gemini and Libra) and represents independent thought and originality. It’s about being a member of a group and contributing to the whole; it’s about drinking from a communal cup rather than drinking from one’s own. As an added bonus, you stand out for being a free spirit who isn’t scared to flaunt your weirdness. Your planetary ruler, the out-of-the-ordinary Uranus, perfectly reflects your own unique personality.

People with a Pisces rising are often described as kind and idealistic, yet they may also be prone to floating in their thoughts. Since of its position at the end of the zodiac, the last sign, Pisces is sometimes referred to as the “psychic of the zodiac” because it contains all the other signs. As a result, you have an inextricable bond with every person on the planet. It’s easy to give off the impression that you’re not paying attention or are otherwise preoccupied while meeting someone for the first time. While it may be true to some extent, it ignores the fact that you are absorbing the whole range of the other person’s communication, from words to body language to subtleties of emotion. Since Neptune is your governing planet, as a Pisces, you exude an air of mystery and allure.

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