Fri. Mar 24th, 2023
Tips for nurses on pandemic coping strategies

In the present times, stress has almost become an indomitable part of one’s life. Irrespective of age, gender, work, one experiences stress at some point. When one thinks of stress, it is usually described as a negative emotion. However, there is some good stress that motivates one to get things done. For a student, it could be completing projects on time or preparing for an examination; for a businessman, it could be about taking care that the business runs smoothly; a housewife can be stressed about taking care of the family, making sure meals are prepared on time, etc. 

Mental health is as important as physical health. These days, many people neglect mental health which results in being lethal to them. Although some stress is important in life, too much of it can threaten one’s well-being. As it is said, too much of anything is dangerous. There is only one life and burdening it with unhappiness and stress will only make it more complicated. 

Tips to manage stress

Here are some of the ways to manage and reduce stress:

  1. Be positive and know that there are circumstances one cannot always control. Accept it and find a way to handle only that which can be controlled. Sometimes things can happen unexpectedly and the only way to move forward is to accept it. 
  2. Meditation can also help reduce stress. It can provide both short as well as long-lasting relaxation. It could be a mantra that is chanted incessantly with slow, deep breaths or practising mindfulness and being in the present moment. 
  3. Exercising has been shown to help reduce stress. Aerobics, in particular, has been known to release endorphins that can aid in maintaining a positive attitude and a healthy mind. Apart from aerobics, one can also perform yoga or Tai Chi or other physical exercises.
  4. Food has a natural connection to one’s mind and heart. Some people eat when they are stressed because this helps them maintain their stress levels. Although, it is important to remember that indulging in too much stress-eating can cause health issues in the long run.
  5. Another way to cope up with stress is to take some time out. When working stressfully, the mind does not allow new viewpoints to enter and this can leave one feeling frustrated. Do something that will give relief and happiness. Sometimes, new perspectives can be gained when the mind is fresh. 
  6. Talking about stress management is to talk about reduction. Having more always leads to being anxious and worried. It damages a happy state of being. A person having a lot of money is all the time apprehensive of someone stealing the money. Thus, in order to have a peaceful mind, practice in reduction. That does not mean throwing away everything all at once, rather slowly giving up things that are unimportant.

These are just some very common tips to manage stress, there are many others that can be used too. Life is meant to be beautiful, peaceful even. It cannot be so, until and unless stress, anxiety, and other havoc-wreaking conditions are out of the way. That is why stress management and mental well-being are very important. Sometimes, it may seem as though stress will never leave and this is where it is important to know that stress does not have control over one’s life. Now that is the key to having a balanced life, covering every aspect of life, be it work, family, relationship, etc. and having the resilience to work under immense pressure.

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