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In Vedic astrology, the two most important charts are the birth chart (natal chart or d1 chart) and the d9 chart ( Navamsa chart). Both charts are often confused by the public, although they are not equivalent.

You may be wondering, “What is a Navamsa Chart (d9 Chart)?”

Totaling 12, zodiac signs represent a wide range of human experience. The d9 chart is the result of dividing each sign into 9 equal parts. Each zodiac sign is divided into ten equal parts in the d10 chart (dasamsa chart), the total of which is the dasamsa chart. A d9 chart, or divisional chart, is a simple representation of the zodiac signs.

How Do the D1 and D9 Charts Differ?

The natal chart (also known as the birth chart) is seen on D1. There are 9 planets and 12 zodiac signs represented in this chart. In other words, it paints a comprehensive portrait of a person’s existence.

Contrarily, the D9 chart is a more in-depth analysis of a single zodiac sign inside the birth chart. This means that each zodiac sign may be split into 9 equal halves. This is just an expansion on one section of a birth chart (1 zodiac sign) out of the total of 12.

Examining Five Crucial Aspects of the Navamsa Horoscope (D9 Chart)

Predictions about an individual’s future may be made by analysing both their D1 and D9 charts together.

Learn How to Find the Ascendant (Bhaav)

If you are born under the sign of Aries, your first Bhaav is Aries, and if you are born under the sign of Taurus, your second Bhaav is Taurus. Taureans have Taurus as their first Bhaav and Gemini as their second. All 12 zodiac signs follow suit, in the same sequence (from Aries to Pisces).

To Fully Appreciate the Lagna Lord’s Significance

Your Lagna lord is the planet that rules your horoscope sign. For instance, Mars is the ruling planet of Aries. Therefore, Mars is the Lagna lord for those born under the sign of Aries. Using this strategy, you may identify the planets that will serve as your most formidable foes. The planet(s) that Mars is in opposition to are your enemies (for Aries Ascendants). Planet Mercury is Mars’ main rival. Marriage and financial stability, in particular, will feel the effects of Mercury’s relative strength compared to Mars.

Insight into the Navamsa Trine House System

The first, fifth, and ninth houses are the Trines. Your interests and hobbies are determined by the planets in the first, fifth, and ninth houses of your Navamsa chart (d9 chart). All nine planets need to be explored.

The native will have a strong appreciation for music if the Sun is located in a Trine home.

The Moon’s placement in the Trine houses indicates a beautiful singing voice for the local.

If Mercury is placed in one of the Trines houses, the native should expect to have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

If Mars is located in a Trine house, the native is likely to be confident and willful but also quick to anger.

Saturn — If Saturn is situated in either of the Trines’ houses, the native will be quite self-controlled.

If Rahu or Ketu is situated in one of the Trines houses, the native will be very spiritual.

If Venus is positioned in one of the Trines houses, the native will value appearance and creativity above other qualities.

Jupiter’s placement in the Trines suggests a person of great intelligence and knowledge.

Analyzing the D9 Chart’s Seventh House

The 7th house is a symbol of the marital union. Therefore, planets located in the Navamsa’s seventh house will have a considerable impact on a couple’s marital happiness.

If Saturn, a malefic planet, is in the 7th house of your d9 chart, you may not get married until beyond the age of 32. It might also foretell a marriage to a much older person.

If the Moon is here, it means you and your partner have great sexual chemistry.

So, What Exactly Is a d9 Chart (Navamsa Chart)?

The preceding discussion should have provided you with a fundamental comprehension of the d9 chart. Having access to it or reading it is crucial for the reasons listed below.

It may foretell the native’s career choices.

As such, it can predict whether or not a native is going to have a happy marriage.

It’s able to tell which planets are healthy and which ones require work to improve quality of life.