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Purchasing a vehicle is a significant event in one’s life. It is a significant choice that is reached after considering several factors. The car’s price and brand are key considerations. When all of these issues have been resolved, individuals may concentrate on other issues such as color, number, and so on.

Indian astrology is a centuries-old science derived from the Vedas. It was composed by great elders and is said to have heavenly origins. Though some regard astrology as superstition and bunkum, it has numerous adherents in India and other nations. Astrologers in India employ Moon signs or Rashis to make forecasts. They can forecast when it will be a good moment for you to buy a car based on your birth chart. This is usually determined by the planets Shani (Saturn) and Venus (Shukra). Most astrologers agree that the query “when will I buy a vehicle?” is a popular one. An automobile, like a house, is an aspirational symbol.

It denotes that one has advanced in life and attained achievement. Venus, in particular, is a crucial planet that influences the purchase of a vehicle. This is due to the fact that it is the planet of riches, material pleasures, and luxury. Shani must also be in a favorable position in the person’s birth chart before purchasing a car.

Mars and Rahu are two other planets that must be considered. When these two planets cross paths in the birth chart, it indicates an accident. The 4th house in the birth chart is the most crucial in the purchase of automobiles.

An astrologer’s recommendations on car acquisition will frequently include the best time to buy the vehicle, the vehicle’s serial number, and the vehicle color. The astrologer will recommend a hue based on the person’s horoscope and the position of the Moon at the time of birth. When selecting a hue, the planet controlling the moon sign is also considered.

Let’s look at the color people with different moon signs should choose while purchasing a vehicle.


Mesha is the Tamil name for the Aries moon sign. Mars is in charge. Blue is the best color for a vehicle for Aries. The color black should be avoided. A Hanuman idol can be kept in the car.


Rishaba is the moon sign of Taurus. It is ruled by Venus. The greatest color for their automobile is white. The color black should be avoided. A Shiva picture can be kept in the car.


Mithuna is the moon sign of Gemini. It is ruled by Mercury. Cream and green are the perfect colors for their car. A Ganesha image might be kept in the car.


Kataka is the Cancer moon sign. The Moon is the planet’s ruler. People born under the sign of Cancer are prone to mishaps. Their car can be painted either white or crimson. The vehicle may contain a Hanuman picture.


Simha is the Leo moon sign. The Sun is the planet’s ruler. Their car should be painted in grey and sleety hues. Gayatri mantras can be written down and stored in the car.


Kanni is the Virgo moon sign. White and blue are appropriate colors for their automobile. The color red should be avoided. The picture of Krishna can be kept in the car.


When Libra moon sign people become older, they tend to acquire cars. Thulam is the name given to the Libra moon sign. It is ruled by Venus. The colors black and blue are appropriate for their automobile. The vehicle can be equipped with a swastika.


Vrischikam is the Scorpio Moon sign. It is ruled by the planets, Mars and Pluto. White is the finest color for their automobile. Green and black should be avoided. The picture of Shiva can be kept in the car.


Sagittarius Dhanus is the Tamil name for the Moon, and Jupiter dominates it. Their automobile looks best in red and silver. Colors such as black and blue should be avoided. In the car, a Hanuman Chalisa should be kept.


Capricorn Makara is the Tamil name for the Moon sign, and Saturn controls it. Colors like white, grey, and sleet are appropriate for their car. Red and blue should be avoided. In the car, a Krishna image should be maintained.


The Aquarius Moon sign is known as Kumbham in Tamil and is controlled by Saturn and Uranus. Blue, white, and grey are appropriate colors for their automobiles. The vehicle may contain a Shiva image.


The Pisces moon sign is known as Meenam in Tamil, and it is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Their automobiles are best in golden, yellow, or white hues. In the car, a Hanuman picture can be kept.

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