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Jan 20 - Feb 18

anskrit/Vedic name of Aquarius:


Aquarius Meaning:

The Water-bearer


: Air-Fixed-Positive


The Sun

Fal for l:

The Sun

Aquarius Sign

Aquarius is the 11th Sign of the Zodiac. A sign of all that’s humane and humanity, this Sign is stylish, modern, self-dependent, and freedom-loving. While everything fresh and new-age fascinates the Aquarius natives, disobedience of any sort liberates them.

Aquarius is the Sign of discoverers, innovators, creators, adventurers, and visionaries. Friendly and upbeat by disposition, Aquarius-born tend to have an abundance of colonial charm. Yet, they lack the depth required to thrash and facilitate genuinely profound relationships.

Aquarians are passionate and committed explorers, explorers who have the desire to live by a dream. They are the explorers of the future.

They are the ideal Sign for those hoping to live a life of purpose and action and see themselves as creative individuals.

In the seventh house, the rulers of Aquarius are often known for their fondness for travel, exploration, new ideas, and self-discovery. The most significant aspect of a person in Aquarius is their creativity. Aquarius people are not limited to a particular field of study or expertise. Aquarius people can take the world and make it their own.

More about Aquarius

That is why the Aquarius natives may have a lot of understanding but very few close friends. Nonetheless, their colonial charm is non-negotiable, and they are often perceived as pretty appealing by the opposite sex. But, similarly, in love, the Aquarius may never feel as enthralled as a Pisces will – for to them (Aquarius), it’s the whole comprehensive world that’s crucial and vital. Most of them, thus, have a mission or a more prominent cause in their sense.

Even if some Aquarius seemed to lead utterly mundane energy, you would find that they have somehow attached themselves to a charitable cause on some digging. However, gracious and merciful, the Aquarius is very different from Pisces or Cancer – the other two Signs are perceived as very kind. Aquarius is more practical and has a keen eye, quickly seeing through untruthfulness and backstabbing. Nonetheless, as parents, spouses, or friends, Aquarius-born is validating, optimistic, and encouraging; they are often ‘the go-to frontier’ for numerous (Aquarius) who will consistently be ready to help with honest, impartial guidance and practically contagious optimism.

All About Aquarius

Ruling planets:

Saturn and Uranus

Element Air

QualityFixed (= stability)


A man emptying/ carrying a water pot/ The Water Bearer.

The Symbol denotes water of life and the benevolence of freshwater to nurture humanity on earth.


Masculine, Humane, Scientific, Eloquent, Instinctive

Noteworthy qualities:

Leadership skillfulness, honesty, scientific, sincerity, earnestness, compassion, cooperation, equitable, innovative, intellectual, intuitive, pleasant, considerate, and progressive.

Undesirable personality traits Gullible, extremist, irresponsible, withdrawn, cold, stubborn, unreliable, aloof.


Amethyst and Blue Sapphire (The gemstone is suggested considering Aries as the Ascendant/Lagna Sign. To know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.)

Birth Colours:

Electric Blue, Grey, Ultramarine Blue

Other lucky colors:

Aqua Blue, Navy Blues

Lucky Numbers:

4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26, 31, 35

Compatible Signs:

Gemini, Libra

Lucky Day:


Most profound need:

To know and to bring in the new; To experiment, improvise and innovate

Quality most needed for:

balance warmth, Feeling, and Sentiment


The Sun





Associated Flowers and Plants:

Orchids, Fruit Trees

Best Sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships Leo

Anatomically Aquarius compares to The coccyx at the base of the spine, the calves, and ankles, the cones and rods in the eye; lower leg bones, coccyx, and shins; muscles in the calves, ankles, and shins; arteries in the lower leg; veins in the lower leg.

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