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July 23 - August 22

About Leo

Sanskrit/Vedic name:


Cancer Meaning

: The Lion


Fire - Fixed - Positive

Leo Sign

Leo is the fifth sign and it is the central sign of the fiery triplicity of the zodiac circle. The sign is ruled by a proud and fierce lion. The energy of the sign is expressive and flamboyant in nature. It is the sign of the lion, the emperor, and the pope. It is the ruler of the zodiac and symbolizes strength, power, and authority. The lion is a proud and fiery animal, and its symbol is a lion because these qualities reflect the sign’s name. The sign expresses bold leadership, a courageous attitude, and adventurous qualities.

How to recognize Leo?

The natives under this sign are natural leaders and dazzle others with a gorgeous smile. They are a strong believer in the greatest leader, the most generous and warm-hearted of all the signs, the protector, the actor, the seducer, the symbol of courage, the voice of the people, the symbol of power and strength, the symbol of justice, the symbol of leadership and success, the symbol of masculinity and of pride, the symbol of the sexual and physical force, the symbol of the passionate and irrepressible, the symbol of the warrior and the conqueror… almost every quality that we associate with a king or a king of beasts can be found in a Leo.

Leo as a person is someone who is so self-centered that he can’t even tell you what he wants to do in a situation without first telling you what he has decided to do. This sounds like the opposite of being a good collaborator, but it’s actually a great way to get along with a Leo.

They are dramatic, spontaneously creative, self-confident, extroverts, and dominant. They usually come up with dramatic statements and actions so that they can be a center of attraction. They don't like being alone, and they need a lot of affirmation. The natives have a flush of pride or ego on their blush.

At the same time, in this zodiac sign, people are always ready to achieve everything that they desire by hook and crook. Apart from achieving things in their life, they are loyal and faithful friends too. Also, they will have a deep love for their life. They usually display their arrogant pride and their sunny playfulness at a time.

They urge respect and do not prefer to take orders from others. Under whatever condition they are in, they will not defend their rights and dignity. They're desired to be noticed every time by everyone, this always rumoring around their head, and constantly they try to maintain their aura of influence.

Generally, they are very generous and friendly with others. They listen to others politely with a slightly patronizing style. But they never have an offending smile.

Leo people are warm and loving. They radiate positive energy, and their presence is deeply inspiring. They bring joy and happiness to those around them, and they're always looking to help others. Because let is such natural leaders, they often find themselves in positions of authority, which they are well-suited for.

A Leo person will bear more stoically in the face of hardship or adjust more courageously to complex conditions. They will face these conditions with sheer faith and optimism, believing that a positive outcome is imminent. Their determination can be a source of great strength, even at overwhelming odds. They simply love it when everyone depends on them and they have to carry all the loads.

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All About Leo


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The Lion

Tarot card:


Fellow signs:

Aries, Sagittarius

Compatible signs:

Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

Most Compatible Signs:


Opposite Signs:


The Symbol denotes:

Commanding, fiery, daring and kingly, yet the generous attitude


Fiery, fixed, masculine, strong, bitter

Noteworthy qualities:

Loyalty, kindness, tolerance, generosity, inspiration, philanthropy, fearlessness, chivalry, optimism, intuitiveness, industriousness.

Undesirable personality traits:

Arrogance, domination, guilelessness, fussiness, anger, sensitivity, impetuousness, impatience, bluntness.

Favorable things:

Movies and dramas, taking holidays, being admired, expensive things, bright colors, fun time with friends

Things they hate:

Being ignored, facing difficult reality, not being treated like a king or queen, not being in the limelight



Lucky stones:

Topaz, Carnelian, Diamond

Lucky Metals:


Lucky day:


Lucky number:

1, 4 , 10, 13, 19, 22, 28

Birth Colours:

Orange, Yellow, Gold

Deepest need:

Elation, need to shine and rule

Lifetime wish:

To rule the world

Mantra for life:

I would love to rise and shine

The quality most needed for balance:


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