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Jun 22 - Jul 22

About Cancer

Sanskrit/Vedic name:


Cancer Meaning:

The Crabs




The sun


The sun

Cancer Sign

Cancer is a zodiac sign that describes the personality of a person whose life plans are not aligned with their natural inclinations or passions.

The name Cancer comes from the Greek word kailiks, which means “to stab,” indicating the person is not in harmony with their life’s direction. Zodiac personality traits is the principle of predicting the character’s behavior. In the animal world, the zodiac is a pattern of alignment between the animal and its environment.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac that loves to run deep in the zodiac circle. It is a feminine sign and archetype of a mother. It is a tender sign moved by feelings and desires of affection.

It is a sign of awakening. It is a sign of the zodiac that is both strong and weak. It is a sign of love and desire. It is a sign of passion and desire.

It is a sign that is often moved by egotism. It is a sign that is usually only for women. It is a sign that one loves to be kind to others. It is a sign that they are often content with the company of people who can make them feel safe and secure.

It is also one of the signs of a powerful ruler. It is the sign of an ambitious, innovative, and cautious person who enjoys the challenge of all sorts of tasks. It is a brave and robust sign that can handle any job. Cancer people are motivated by their faith beliefs, as well as their family and friends.

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How to recognize Cancer?

Cancer natives are caring and matriarchal, susceptible, and a little dependent. They are the nurturer of the zodiac circle who are mightily faithful and loving. They are complex and insensitive from the exterior but very soft and sensitive from the inside.

They are spiritual and sensitive, containing a high percentage of spiritualism. They are free from superstition and are very suspicious of it. They are very secretive and highly suspicious of their neighbors. They are very temperamental and secretive. Their sensitivity range from a very positive to a very negative. They are hard to find and hard to hurt. They are strong and hardy, and they have a long, very long life. they are very romantic in nature.

They usually cry because of their fragile and vulnerable heart. They offer empathy and can sit for long hours with closed ones. Typically, they are one step forward and two steps back. They intensely live in the past in their memories and the future in their imaginations. They fiercely hold themselves and their dear ones. they are always trying to escape from the past and the future.

They are trained to be tough but soft and gentle. They are powerful, brave, and self-assured. They are the kind of people who are capable of being what they dream, what they want. They are always in the moment, and the day is never done for them. They are shy when it comes to express. They are attached to their own stories and their love. They are often not very clear about the consequences of their actions. They are known for their strong and generous nature.

Cancer natives synchronize their passing moods to waning and waxing of the Moon and hence possess the mysterious influence of it. They keep on fluctuating highs and lows. They are constant on inconsistency and possess dependable periodicity. Funny Cancerians giggle and gurgle very loudly and can laugh for a minute continuously. They come up with good jokes and their funny side is startling and pops up incongruously from their quiet and gentle personality.

Cancer natives synchronize their passing moods to the waning and waxing of the Moon and hence possess the mysterious influence. Because of their mood-changing behavior, they keep on fluctuating highs and lows. They are stable in inconsistency and contain trustworthy periodicity. Funny Cancerians giggle and splash very loudly and can laugh for a minute.

By nature, they are hilarious and humorous. People loved to sit with them because they always light the mood of others with their witty jokes. They always come up with good jokes, and their funny side is startling and pops up incongruously from their calm and soft personality.

They have an uncanny sense of publicity. It is only noticed when they are pleased. They secretly enjoy the attention. They will soak up all kinds of headlines they get. They won’t pursue fame with passion but won’t shrink from it. They sometimes give a cranky answer and come up with occasional crabby spells when disappointed. And they are moods by their nature; everything depends on the mood. When this disappointment gets over, they come back with their sweet, gentle, and understanding selves.

When it comes to relationship, they are not like playboy or flirting randomly, and they are devoted to the person whom they love the most; their liability, loyalty, and honesty are entirely relied on by that person because love, family is everything to them, they never compromise on their genuine relations. If they are attached to anybody, they are always beside that person no matter what happens.

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All About Cancer

Cancer Zodiac Date Range:

June 21 - July 22














The Crabs

Tarot card:

The Chariot

Fellow signs:

Scorpio, Pisces

Compatible signs:

Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Most Compatible Signs:


Opposite Signs:


The Symbol denotes:

Possession, retention and nurturing. It also symbolizes motherhood.


Cold, phlegmatic, feminine

Noteworthy qualities:

Patience, tenacity, domesticity, kindness, devotion, versatility, adaptability, patriotism, sociability and maternity.

Undesirable personality traits:

Untruthfulness, unpredictability, sentimental, pride, untidiness, resentment, vanity and laziness.

Favorable things:

hosting parties, gourmet meals, intramural sports, museums and art galleries, playing and working with kids

Things they hate:

Tacky clothes, public speaking, frozen dinner, being rushed, paying full price



Lucky stones:

Ruby, Pearl, Emerald, Jade, Green Onyx

Lucky Metals:


Lucky day:


Lucky number:

2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25

Birth Colours:

Silver, white, sea-green, light blue, puce

Deepest need:

A harmonious home and family life

Lifetime wish:

To take care of their friends and family

Mantra for life:

I feel

The quality most needed for balance:

Try to control your mood swings

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