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Apr 20 - May 20

About Taurus

Sanskrit/Vedic name:


Taurus Meaning:



Earth Fixed Sign

Taurus Sign

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and rules the second house. This sign represents a love of worldly pleasures and is all about receiving rewards. One of the most difficult signs is one, also known as the Anchor of the Zodiac. How do you recognize a Taurus? A native American born between April 20th and May 20th belongs to the Sun sign Taurus. Natives are smart, ambitious, and reliable. They have two energy velocities. Some are relaxed and content, while others are excited and ready to attack. You are strong and charming with a sense of confidence and stability. They have a strong and quiet demeanor. They speak in monologues like "Yes, no, thank you, hello" until they fully understand the person. They prefer to move consciously and speak modestly. They are solid and stable and nothing disturbs their peace and tranquility.

To know about:

Even if you use all kinds of tactics to confuse them, they won't budge. They are happy and content when they spend time alone. Pushing hard or teasing them makes them angry or stubborn. You are good at controlling your anger. Even impatient Taurus gets angry at times. When they get angry or angry they can destroy everything. They always give in to what they can touch, smell, taste, and appreciate the finer things in life. You are stable, patient, and determined. They live a balanced life of hard work and great success. Their determination gives them stubbornness. They don't stick to the same thing and listen intently to other people's perspectives. They don't change their minds to make other people happy. They are very cautious and don't take many risks.

Taurus is a passionate zodiac sign and natives want to seek pleasure. Natives make great friends, colleagues, and partners. You value honesty too much. Because of this, their first date resembles a job interview. They ask too many questions and only find out that you are a good fit to start a relationship. will hold a grudge against them, even if it is white lies.

All About Taurus

Date Range:

April 20 - May 20




Mars and Uranus

Compatible signs:

Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

Most Compatible Signs:


Opposite Signs:



The Moon








The Bull

Tarot card:


Fellow signs:

Virgo, Capricorn

The Symbol symbolizes Determination and tenacity, fierce power and aggression but also a laid-back, lazy attitude.


Cold, feminine

Noteworthy qualities:

Persistence, Steadfastness, trustworthiness, composure, self-reliance, humor, constructiveness, practicality, fearlessness, and stability.

Undesirable personality traits:

Stubbornness, domination, self-centered behavior, laziness, obstruction, dogmatic attitude, conceit, exacting approach.

Favorable things:

Gardening, romance, branded clothes, cooking, music, working in a team.

Things they hate:

Sudden changes, possessive, issues, insecurity, synthetic fabrics


Diamond, White Topaz, and White Sapphire

Lucky stones are Emerald, Topaz, Agate
Lucky Metals are Silver, gold, copper

The lucky day is Friday

Lucky numbers are 1, 9

The deepest need of your life is Comfort, material ease, wealth

Lifetime wish to live :

To own the best of everything

Mantra for your life:

Slow and steady

The quality most needed for balance is Flexibility

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