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Aquarius Health

Aquarius Health

Jan 20 - Feb 18

Aquarius health

People born under the Aquarius usually have bone issues like weak bone structure, so even a slight fall or mishap can cause a fracture. Their backbone issues, heart problems, nervous system, throat, and bladder can also provoke pressure on the health front.

However, their digestive technique can adjust to all kinds of cuisines quickly. As they are inclined to stress too much, it can lead to brain disorders, which can cause brain tumors or epilepsy in the long run. Still, by and large, they do manage to live to a ripe old age in good health. Is any aspect concerning your health troubling you? Get a fully personalized Birth Chart based Remedial Answers for Personal Problems report to solve issues on the health front.

Possible health concerns

The Aquarius-born people must be cautious of any kind of obsession. They should be cautious about their nervous systems, as they are inclined to disturbances of nerves, sleeplessness, restlessness, etc. They have to also take good care of their eating habits, have a healthy diet, and get sufficient sleep. Though they are aware of fitness, they need regular motivation to do things to keep fit.

Food for Aquarius

The Aquarius-born individuals should have a diet that consists of substances that are best for their circulatory system and keep their blood sugar levels in review. Pears, lemons, oranges, radishes, oysters, corn, ocean fish, apples, lobster, tuna, peaches, Walnuts, lobster, lettuce, tuna, clams, and grapefruit are suitable for them. They need to ignore sweets and aerated/carbonated drinks.

The people of this Aquarius Sign tend to consume junk, unhealthy foodstuffs which have insufficient healthy value. They need to ensure they have lots of seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and dried fruits. Caffeine does not suit them, you need to avoid excessive use of coffee, so they should think about replacing normal coffee with herbal tea.

Aquarius Physical Structure

The structure of physique of most Aquarius people tends to be fit, slim, and tall, though the neck can be moderately short and thick. They have beautiful, sharp noses and dark-thick long hair. Their sparkling eyes give them an impression of liveliness, but their face can bear an intense expression.

Their smile is subtle, and they care to have dimples on their cheeks. They have clear, sharp, and articulate voices. They can sometimes be a bit bizarre. However, nevertheless of how they look from the outside, they will most likely appreciate themselves from the inside.

Aquarius Beauty

The Aquarius-born like fluorescent green color, as it is blessed for them. They don’t require much make-up because they are naturally attractive.

Sometimes, though, they like to modify their hairstyle. Though they can take off almost any kind of attire with elegance, the retro look suits them best. They love to dress in simple clothes. They rate comfort far above fashion. They are efficient when it comes to the attire they wear. You might also be curious to read about Aquarius relationships.

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