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Aries Facts

Aries Facts

Mar 21 - Apr 19

Aries Facts:

Problem Solver, Leader, Strong-minded, Focused, Sarcastic, Savage, Romantic, Loyal, Truthful, Observer, Kind-hearted, Dangerous when provoked.

Aries Problem:

The Ram doesn't know how to deal with anger and control it.

Things that Aries never waver in:

To switch stuff they don't like

Things Aries truly want:

Trust, commitment, loyalty, respect, and freedom

Things Aries appreciate:

Being adventurous and authoritative with others

Things Aries get frustrated with:

It takes plenty of time to explain things to others.

Things Aries hate:

To replicate the same things again and again.

Things Aries do when ignored:

when people talk in a louder tone.

Best adventurous partner for Aries:


The most challenging thing for them is to sit back and keep calm because when they know that something is happening which is not right and is just a waste of time, they can't keep quiet.

Perfect romantic songs when they are in the mood for romance, pieces exhibit rage when they are furious. Basically, they are. Music devotees listen to genres depending on their mood.

Best gift for Aries:

Athletic items, clothing, or work-related things. There is much more to examine about your personality traits.

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