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Aries Health

Mar 21 - Apr 19

The Aries people have vibrant energy, contagious confidence, enthusiasm, strength, power, and stamina. Your health problems are mainly due to overstress work, long working hours, squeezing yourself to accomplish goals, angry impatience, and frustration.

The natives are usually passionate and possess a solid and rigid constitution. You would be restricted to bed when you are really unwell. Your response to delay has an adverse impact on your health. You have energy, confidence, and the tremendous power of speedy recovery. Your energy levels and moods fluctuate widely, which would be a severe concern for you. Though you are fitness conscious, you still need to take care of your diet for a healthy life.

You should avoid caffeine items like coffee, sugar, and intoxicating drinks or aerated drinks as these substances tend to stress your ailments. You are adamant despite the tendency to get involved in accidents and all sorts of mishaps due to your intense activity. Get an easy remedial resolution online to overpower accidents and mishaps.

Possible health concerns

You are likely to fall target to chronic and lingering disorders. You are more sensitive to fuming fever, rage infections in the stomach and kidneys, strokes, high sugar levels, and blood pressure. You, however, are susceptible to stomach ailments, migraine headaches, and kidney infections.
It would be oK if you took extra care of the head, stomach, and kidneys. Watching your diet would help as there are strong chances of indigestion and stomach disorders. It would be good if you guarded your eyesight, visited the dentist regularly, and treated your head cold seriously. It would benefit if you stayed away from alcohol to safeguard your kidneys and also to control explosive behavior and temperament due to Mars. You are likely to have pain in the knee cap and skin rashes.

Food for Aries

You should consume a good amount of potassium phosphate in your diet to keep yourself out of depression. Potassium phosphate is good for the kidneys and liver. Food rich in these minerals are olives, pumpkin, apricots, broccoli, beans, tomatoes, brown rice, lentils, onions, walnuts, lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, figs, apricots, and bananas. You should also contain dairy products in your healthy diet as they are rich in calcium and beneficial for teeth and bones. You should spend money on a juicer or blender to design vegetable juices and smoothies that are quick and nutritious for you.

You belong to the fire feature, so you have to avoid spicy food to keep acidity at bay. Remember one thing Salt and liquor are your enemies. Too much consumption of Salt would bring hardships to bones and arteries. It would negatively impact your lymphatic and skeletal systems. You should avoid intoxicants as they would overstimulate and respond negatively and harmfully to your kidneys.

You should drink more water, around 3-4 litre in a day which is good for digestive problems and better functioning of the kidneys. You should take good sleep to be more comfortable and retrieve energy. 2023 Yearly Report gives you the best guidance to direct yourself in a way that can surely sweeten your life with certain conclusions related to your health. Get your Free Personalized 2023 Report!

Aries Physical Appearance

The natives have powerful features: a prominent chin, nose, and mouth with a full upper lip. You have wide-set eyes with well-marked eyebrows. Your style of speaking indicates your confidence. You generally have broad, muscular shoulders, and your body may little bend forward while walking. You lead your head while talking and always walk in a great hurry. Since you walk fast, you fall short of gracefulness. Your bone system is fine and healthy. Your poses reflect your self-confidence and ultimate ego, and bravery. You stand up straight and look directly in the eyes of the individuals unless you are extremely hurt or saddened. You have a moderate height, and your complexion is slightly tanned and more rugged than your average complexion. Your impression can be jarring, and you may have either one or two moles somewhere on your face. The look is usually bizarre, often sporty, enthusiastic, and unrefined.

Aries Beauty

You herald a fresh beginning, and the red color suits you perfectly. The color best matches your dynamic personality. It would be oK if you used this color more in your make-up and outfits as well as additions to enhance your features and beauty traits. You have a significant forehead with dark, striking, well-marked eyebrows praising your facial structure. The smoky shadiness and smudged broad eyeliner best suit your intense eye looks. You have the extravagance of well-defined cheekbones.

You will look alluring and graceful with a light golden shade highlighter and long earrings. The sign has importance on the head, so hats or headgear of any color and plan would suit your personality. Whether it is a last-minute investment or a carefully selected dress, it will look fantastic on an Aries. The same thing may look normal on anyone else, but you carry any outfit flawlessly and look stylish and elegant.

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