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Gemini Facts

Gemini Facts

May 21 - Jun 21

Gemini Facts

Gemini Facts:

clever, rebellious, sarcastic, independent, spontaneous, visionary, adventurous, unique, down to earth, honest, loyal, mind reader

Gemini Problem:

You won't ask twice. You are multi-faceted and ever-changing. This makes it hard to pin down your emotions, confusing you. You feel things deeply and then often question your feelings.

Gemini in their lowest point: you may find yourself feeling lost and alone. You may think that you're dreaming or someone has walked into your space and stolen your words. You may find yourself staring off into space or lost in your thoughts.

Gemini motto:

I am simple with a complicated mind of the person.

The evil side to a Gemini:

You love to get under other people's skins, just for its fun. You're so good at tormenting others that it's a big part of your life.

Things Gemini hates:

You're a hard worker. You believe that you can get things done independently, without any help. You hate being told what to do. You want to be in charge of your life and schedule, not someone else's.

Things Gemini do when pissed off:

When Gemini gets angry, they can get loud and lose their temper. They will not yell and use profanity, but they may act rude and distant. They will not want to deal with other people and want to be alone, but they will not stay mad for long.

Things Gemini do when doubtful:

When the doubt sets in, they'll sit quietly and keep on overthinking. It allows them to conclude on their own, without outside influence.

Assumptions about a Gemini:

You're a Gemini, and there's a lot you didn't know about your sign. Like, for instance, that you flirt too much. You're a troublemaker, and you know how to have fun.

Best gift for Gemini:

As a Gemini, you're always looking for the latest technology, the best books, the newest magazine subscriptions, the hottest laptops, the most stylish phones, the most excellent video games, the cutest board games, and the best TV-series and movie DVDs.

Things Gemini gets frustrated with:

When people cause unnecessary problems, it's easy to feel irritated. You want to avoid them or fix the problem, but those things rarely work. You're better off ignoring the person or finding a way to improve the situation so you can move on. It doesn't mean you have to put up with people's nonsense, but it does mean you have to deal with it.

The hardest thing for Gemini:

it's tough to trust people and try to calm down under specific pressures.

Things Gemini ignore:

You may never completely trust the person who broke your trust, but you won't let them bring you down either. You move on, determined to live your life to the fullest.

Gemini should remember two things that Gemini should keep in mind:

to be consistent and determined. Being consistent means keeping your promises and not letting others put you down, and being determined implies that you should not give up quickly when you face a challenge. Gemini is a sign full of surprises, so be careful not to get taken by others.

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