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Leo Facts

Leo Facts

July 23 - August 22

Interesting facts about Leo

Leo Facts:

Powerful, royalty, wisdom, intelligent, wild at times, loyal, savage, headstrong, enthusiastic, independent, rebellious, visionary, spontaneous, stubborn, clever, adventurous

Leo Problem:

According to your personality, you get sentimental over the smallest things at times, and the reason behind this is that you can’t stand watching someone do something when you know how to do it in a better way.

Leo, when pissed off:

You’re a social person, and you need social interaction. You crave the company of others, and you feel most alive when you’re talking and interacting. You get irritated when you have to fight for someone’s attention. It would help if you were the center of attention, and it felt like a void.

Things Leo hates

You’re independent, and you don’t like being taken for granted. You don’t like being forced into conversations or friendships. You’ll often pass on opportunities to be sociable if you don’t feel like you have a genuine interest in the other person. If someone takes you for granted, you may feel the need to show them just how much you value yourself. But because you’re so independent, you may not express this desire loudly.

Leo does things when hurt or upset

You may become heartless if you feel taken for granted. You may become unwilling to speak to the person or group that has done the taking forgiven. Sometimes, you think heartless, and you don’t want to talk to anyone when you feel this emotion.

Things Leo like

You love to keep courting, dating, giving, and romance going as long as the other person seems willing. You love to be unique and enjoy every moment. You are never one to turn down a request for help because you believe that everyone can use a helping hand now and then.

Leos at their lowest points:

Yes! You are short-tempered and want someone to help you at your lowest points.

How to catch Leo's attention

You get inspired when someone is alluring and fun-loving.

Perfect gift for Leo

Gift certificates, store gift cards, and other similar items are perfect for you. You also love to collect family heirlooms, keepsake albums, and other similar items that remind you of the people and experiences of the past.

Leo motto:

Love me or leave me, go hard or go home

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