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Libra Facts

Libra Facts

Sep 23 - Oct 23

Interesting Facts about Libra

Libra Facts

Libra Problem

You find it hard to say no when anyone asks for a favor. You tried overboard when it came to caring for others. Extra caring turns into frustration sometimes, and nobody can calm you down when you're high in your anger.

Things Libra hate

You hate arguments/conflicts without any logic. You don't like to text first to someday; you feel that this is not a nice gesture to text first. You're sincere as a person; that's why people are not considering you.

Libra motto

The simple motto of their life, they fall too fast, forgive anyone too quickly, and care too much.

Things Libra crave

They always crave a balanced life and want peace and harmony in life

Libra badass teammates


Things Librans do when pissed off

When you think you know what is right, you don't listen and act pricey.

Things that make Libra angry

You don't want somebody trying to hide their mistakes and cover them by telling lies, which makes you angry when people are not giving you the correct answers.

Three things Libra is good at

Unbiased, intelligent, and sniffing out undesirable things.

Something Libra says to themselves all the time

Just to improve, I gave too many chances to this fool.

Fun things Libra likes to do

Boat riding and watching a live concert.

Best gift for Libra

Gourmet food, trendy attire, exciting home decor, mobile, delicate photo frame, a famous book, tickets to a live concert, movies, or art exhibition.

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