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Scorpio Nature

Scorpio Nature

Oct 24 - Nov 21

Scorpio Nature

Scorpio Sign depicts the Sign of an introverted feminine. Your nature changes over a period as you grow in age. Your heart keeps evolving. Curious to know more about Scorpio traits. It can be quite a glamorous yet dangerous experience to be around people of Scorpios.

Some astrologers categorize your Sign into three types, namely -
(1) The dangerous and poisonous ones.
(2) The noble ones are high-spirited and can be very kind and compassionate.
(3) The chameleons merge into different shades as the situation needs, but innocuous.

At times, evaluating their true purpose can present a big problem. Some might consider you to be a passive Sign, softly holding your grievances with much tolerance until you get a chance to pang back. You can take risks and are more thrilled by what is concealed (secret) than what is obvious. Indeed, you're enough and are not afraid to face consequential troubles or challenges.

Key Planet:

Pluto is the Underworld Lord. Pluto conveys everything in your subconscious mind, underneath the conscious level. It's not the Hell that we imagine where wicked people are punished. Instead, it's the Hell that William Blake describes as a place "So beautiful that it would agonize an angel to insanity." Your key planet, Pluto, is intense and mighty. It represents those things you can't comprehend. Also, it's from these secreted Plutonic notions that magical changes form.

Eighth House

Transformation The House of Possessions, which is the 2nd is just opposite the 8th House, all about what other people possess. It can contain sexual issues, for they usually involve another person. It is also about the eventual transformation - Death - but not necessarily your own. The 8th House is all about the things you don't know and can't understand. It is a House of Hidden Power. You may get your Astrology Profile report prepared by our experienced astrologers based on your Horoscope.

Scorpio Element

Water You are an essential constituent of the Water group. Astrological Signs that fall under the Water Sign are emotional. Your emotions have a vast range like ocean water depth is deep or shallow. It is always difficult to foretell, in a given situation, how you're going to react. Like the wide-spread ocean, you may store numerous secrets, which gives you that mysterious aura. Further, you can also get a FREE horoscope a fully personalized report to better understand yourself.

Scorpio Strength

Magnetic personality is what you own and are known for. With your charms, you can turn people's heads. It's easy for you to hold people's attention as you are an intelligent and entertaining speaker. Others like and enjoy your company. You're a great lover because you're passionate and faithful. You will be exceptionally liberal and helpful to others if no one hurts your feelings. Moreover, you can buy a 100% personalized Charge for your report to make the most of your natural abilities.

Scorpio Weakness

You often turn away from head-on attacks despite having hidden reserves of courage; instead, you would establish detailed and crafty schemes to reach your goals. You can be manipulative, jealous, obsessive, distrustful, and stubborn.

Scorpio Habits

Scorpios can hold a grudge unendingly. This unfortunate habit can keep their near and dear ones far away, depriving them of the happiness, love, and trust they genuinely deserve. Letting go of their anger and past resentments is very important. Then after they should make an effort to love themselves, only they will be able to forgive and forget. With the fantastic willpower that they possess, they can surely do this. Nonetheless, many end up complaining that their partners are their most significant source of stress.

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