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Virgo Love

Virgo Love

July 23 - August 22

Let’s assume a prevailing situation where you are at a social gathering where everyone’s having a wonderful time catching up with you.

Mid-everyone giggling and relishing the moment, maybe your aunt or uncle blurts out, “ When will you get married?” And solely half-joking, they also know somebody who would be the ideal match for you, and you should meet him/her one time before you say ‘no.’ You might feel that they won’t just be kidding about it shortly.

In today’s lifestyle, we belong to that generation where an arranged marriage does not bear much attraction. However, it is a reality that unions are still set in many parts of the world. A question that always pops up in our head regarding our marriage is- Will I have a love marriage or arranged marriage?

Marriage is a life-long responsibility, and you cannot leave it to chance. Thus, choosing a suitable life partner is vital to your happiness. There are two paths to getting married, either a love marriage or an arranged one. In a love marriage, you marry a person you fall in love with. In an arranged marriage, you and your family probably search through different sources to select that perfect match that meets your expectations and preferences. We are here to help you out. Astrology can help you make your marriage booming and prosperous with the help of kundali matching by date of birth.

It is also confirmed that you will match the individual you are predestined to be with. And matrimony astrology can help you figure out what fate has in store for you. Ready to take a jump of faith and figure out what awaits your married life? If yes, talk to the best astrologer and get a personalized solution to your difficulties/problems.

Astrological Indicators of Love or Arranged Marriage

12 homes of the Vedic Birth chart represent a specific component of your life. The 5th House represents the House of love, and the 7th House is the reflection of the House of marriage in a horoscope. The second, fifth, and eighth houses also affect some aspects of your marital life. The arrangement of the planets Venus, Jupiter, and Mars is also important in impacting your married life.

To analyze this fact that how yoga plays a major role for (planetary combination) for Love marriage, it is essential to choose the power of the 5th House and its Lord in your Kundli. If the 5th House and its Lord are firm and without distress, possibilities of love marriage will increase, as per the Indian Vedic astrology. Also, if powerful expressive planets occupy the 5th House, there are options for a love relationship. The connection or relationship between the 5th House and 7th House is exceptionally essential to judge the love marriage prospects. Also, the aspect or concurrence between Venus and Mars must be investigated. The relation between both 5th and 7th houses and the Venus-Mars relations primarily indicate the chance of love or arranged marriage. However, the role of the 9th house in your chart reflects that (House of fortune) Lord also have to play an essential role in this matter. The more promising your ninth House is, the more happy will your married life be.

Also, there are three other elements to be taken into regard:

1) The Possibility in your Birth Chart,

2) The effect of the Mahadasha and Antardasha and

3) The results of the transiting planets.

Jupiter is Karaka for the wedding with ritual; hence strong Jupiter or its influence on the 7th House or Lord signifies traditional joyful marriage.

Are you curious to know whether you will have a love marriage or arrange?

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Wrapping up:

Marriage is a vital friendly institution, and every person wants to have an ideal match. you can both advantages and disadvantages in both marriages either love marriage or families arrange them.

Both love marriages and arranged marriages have their own miracles and hindrances. And determine that the success rate of marriage doesn’t rely upon whether it was placed or not but instead on how the two people make efforts to understand each other. Astrology acts as a helping hand for you to help you in finding the best compatible match based on your birth chart.

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